High End sound & compact size

We make revolutionary and unique High-End speakers

that you were looking for all this time.
Lifelike sound

Close your eyes and experience something you have never heard before. Natural effortless organic sound that you always wanted.

Absolute immersion

Highest quality components and dipole design for mid and high frequencies results in a 3D holographic experience.

Beautiful design

You are unique so should be your speakers. Amazing high -tech design will make you feel good every day.

High-End components

Qualio Quantum use the best sounding components available on the market. 

Quality is in the DNA of Qualio speakers.

Quantum speakers have only best sounding transducers, crossover parts, pure copper wiring and connectors.

We are experts in designing speaker drivers and loudspeakers

We are the team behind Cube Audio where we manufacture the best fullrange drivers and loudspeakers in the world. We know all secrets of the drivers and speakers because in Cube we design and make them from scratch. We wanted to turn our unique skills and experience into a truly exceptional 3-way loudspeaker that will solve the ultimate speaker problem of so many people.

"With entire system for less than 25'000 $ you have a system that can compete with multi-million dollar systems. I know because we hear them."

Peter Breuniger - AVShowrooms

Open Baffle Design

Qualio Quantum along the IQ speaker is the most unique speaker that can do way more for you.

First of all the most important - the Mundorf AMT driver used as a tweeter that covers frequency to 31 kHz. What is even better they both are placed in open baffle which means they open and radiate the sound both ways. That not only eliminates resonances and cabinet distortions, but also fills entire room with sound and creates exceptional 3D holographic soundstage for you to enjoy.

Amazing deep but fast and tight bass is delivered by two 6" Satori and NRX drivers capable of delivering superb bass down to 35Hz.

4 simple steps to revolutionize your system

1. Order Qualio IQ loudspeakers

Order the speakers and finally get the speakers you're looking for.

2. Get lifetime enjoyment

Get true high-end speakers that are unparalleled in this price range.

3. Experience the music

Experience a live concert with great separation, dynamics and holography.

4. Close your eyes and dive 

deep into another dimension of music you'll love every time.

We promise that with Qualio Quantum speakers you'll experience a revolution in your system.

 You will find the sound that Quantum delivers to be one of the best among medium size speakers.

One of the best in the world

Even far more expensive speakers don't stand a chance in direct comparison. Just give it a try.

Natural, Dynamic, Precise, 3D

If you're looking for a sound like this, you'll be in heaven. Perfect holographic immersion.

You will love to listen music

You'll listen to the music all the time and do "just one more track" for hours.

The highest quality

Best quality components that no one in this price range uses. All thanks to direct sales from factory.

Your needs come first

Special color or other special requests? We're very good at customizing and take care of you.

Simple & safe shipping

Our experience in shipping speakers safely all over the world. All shipped in crates to ensure the safety.

Professional Reviews & Awards

Quantum proved perfectly tuned for my smaller room. Whilst merely hitting at sub bass, its solid mid bass was ideally weighted to cause no room loading issues despite no down - but instead rear-firing port. Though I couldn't be sure until a direct downstairs A/B versus Qualio IQ, my initial impression was of the same upper-treble air but less fully stepped-out mid treble.

Srajan Ebaen - 6moons.com

Listen to the Qualio Quantum at AVShow Warsaw 2023 

Just put on your headphones and listen to how the speakers sound.

 What you get with Qualio Quantum

The most amazing semi-open baffle speakers

- Mundorf AMT dipole super tweeter

- SB Acoustic Satori midrange and NRX woofer

- Mundorf, Jantzen , WBT crossover parts and termianls

- Lifetime support and advice

- 3 years warranty

- Worldwide shipping included in the price

All this and the assurance that you'll get the sound of your life when you buy IQ speakers today!

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Qualio Quantum
Qualio Quantum
Qualio Quantum
Qualio Quantum
Qualio Quantum
Qualio Quantum
Qualio Quantum
Qualio Quantum
Qualio Quantum

We can make any design you want. If you're interested in unique colors, you can choose any RAL color and we'll make it for you in either satin or glossy finish.

Veneer finishes are also available. We work only with natural veneers, so each pair of speakers is unique. If you're interested in other looks, please get in touch with us.

Standard veneers - Oak, Walnut, Ash
Exotic veneers - Indian apple, rosewood

A 3-year warranty covers all Qualio speakers.

Technical specification
Height: 101 cm / 40”
Width: 20.2 cm / 7.95”
Depth: 29.5 cm / 11.6”
Weight: 25 kg / 55 lbs
Impedance: 4 Ω
Bandwidth: 35 Hz – 31 kHz
Efficiency: 88 dB

New Update - Worldwide shipping cost included in the price.  All shipments are fully insured. 

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