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Lifelike sound

Close your eyes and experience something you have never heard before. Natural effortless organic sound that you always wanted.

Absolute immersion

Highest quality components and dipole design for mid and high frequencies results in a 3D holographic experience.

Beautiful design

You are unique so should be your speakers. Amazing high -tech design will make you feel good every day.

High-End components

Qualio IQ use the best sounding components available on the market. 

Quality is in the DNA of Qualio IQ speakers.

IQ speakers have only best sounding transducers, crossover parts, pure copper wiring and connectors.

We are experts in designing speaker drivers and loudspeakers

We are the team behind Cube Audio where we manufacture the best fullrange drivers and loudspeakers in the world. We know all secrets of the drivers and speakers because in Cube we design and make them from scratch. We wanted to turn our unique skills and experience into a truly exceptional 3-way loudspeaker that will solve the ultimate speaker problem of so many people.

"With entire system for less than 25'000 $ you have a system that can compete with multi-million dollar systems. I know because we hear them."

Peter Breuniger - AVShowrooms

Open Baffle Design

Qualio IQ is the most unique speaker that can do way more for you.

First of all the most important - mid-range is not only an amazing Satori driver that can be considered as full-range since it offers great extension to 15 kHz and it is accompanied my Mundorf AMT driver used as a super-tweeter that covers frequency to 31 kHz. What is even better they both are placed in open baffle which means they open and radiate the sound both ways. That not only eliminates all resonances and cabinet distortions, but also fills entire room with sound and creates exceptional 3D holographic soundstage for you to enjoy.

Amazing deep but fast and tight bass is delivered by 9 .5" Satori driver capable of delivering superb bass down to 28Hz.

High-End high frequencies adjustment to fine tune your system

The IQ speakers are very neutral. The crossovers are perfectly matched, but we want you to be able to match them perfectly to any room and system.

That's why we decided to equip the speakers with an additional pair of WBT terminals on the back, which connects only to the Mundorf AMT dipole super tweeter.

You can connect various Mundorf copper-nickel resistors to these terminals. The resistors are color coded so you can easily connect them to the speakers. You will get 5 different resistors that you can fine tune your system with.

All resistors are soldered with gold plated copper banana plugs, so you can change them in seconds and adjust the amount of high frequencies to your taste.

4 simple steps to revolutionize your system

1. Order Qualio IQ loudspeakers

Order the speakers and finally get the speakers you're looking for.

2. Get lifetime enjoyment

Get true high-end speakers that are unparalleled in this price range.

3. Experience the music

Experience a live concert with great separation, dynamics and holography.

4. Close your eyes and dive 

deep into another dimension of music you'll love every time.

We promise that with Qualio IQ speakers you'll experience a revolution in your system.

 You will find the sound that IQ delivers to be one of the best you have ever heard.

One of the best in the world

Even far more expensive speakers don't stand a chance in direct comparison. Just give it a try.

Natural, Dynamic, Precise, 3D

If you're looking for a sound like this, you'll be in heaven. Perfect holographic immersion.

You will love to listen music

You'll listen to the music all the time and do "just one more track" for hours.

The highest quality

Best quality components that no one in this price range uses. All thanks to direct sales from factory.

Your needs come first

Special color or other special requests? We're very good at customizing and take care of you.

Simple & safe shipping

Our experience in shipping speakers safely all over the world. All shipped in crates to ensure the safety.

Professional Reviews & Awards

  • 6 Moons 
  • 6 Moons - Uber System
  • Darko Audio
  • HighFidelity
  • Mono&Stereo
  • HiFi Pig

"A full-blown suprisingly unfussy dream speaker; a Lambo in a Honda chassis. It's a full-range performer fit for even larger rooms. It's a widebander in disguise which runs its central midrange two octaves farther up than conventional 3-way."

"By now you might appreciate the other loaded word I inserted in an earlier page. Revelatory. If I could pick just one to conclude this sprawling tale, that'd be it. "

Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

"6moons 15k € Uber System" with Qualio IQ

"To assemble the dream rig, I start with the speakers. Nothing in recent even fainter memory stands as tall as the direct-selling Qualio IQ.

This isn't a beginner system. This is a pedal-to-the-metal ultra performance proposition for people who care deeply about their sound quality. "

Srajan Ebaen 6moons.com

"It also soundstages like a demon. This it shares with classic dual-concentric designs by KEF, Tannoy & Co. It’s often thought that their point-source behaviour and phase consistency are key. It’s certainly true that dual-concentric speakers tend to excel at depth of field with superior layer specificity. It’s as though in the farther reaches of the soundstage a (cough) Germanic fuss pot with a slide ruler laid down more heavily enforced law and order."

Srajan Ebaen for Darko Audio

"... an even greater surprise when listening to the Qualio loudspeakers will be the analysis of their timbre. Because this one is splendid and perfectly balanced."

Wojciech Pacuła - highfidelity.pl

"The Qualio IQs demonstrated a different kind of balancing act, one not expected in this price range, broadcasting the "Blue World" with a taut focus and harmonically rich content."

"It's not exactly easy to reproduce "Move" in its entirety, even for high-priced speakers, but Qualio IQs has managed to pull it off. A big thumbs up. The IQs feature a distinct fidelity to the momentum and several unforeseen characteristics that create a highly immersive sound experience that neither shies away from nuances nor is astray from bringing details to life."

Matej Isak - Monoandstereo.com

"These were a cracking pair of loudspeakers and up there with some of the very best I have ever encountered in a show environment. Dynamics, bass and very clear and detailed. …we liked his speakers so much in Warsaw we bought a pair! "

" A fabulous experience that I’m glad I will be able to reproduce as and when I like as these are likely to be a permanent fixture in this system for a long while to come. Are they a final speaker? I don’t know as I haven’t heard them all, but if we were ever to downsize and be allowed only one set of speakers, then I can say that these would be on a very short shortlist."

— Stuart Smith - HiFiPig

"Simply put, it did everything across the board without question; monstrous bass, saturated midrange, acres of landfill in all directions, loads of air, intensity, energy, quickness, sensible heft, precision, boldness, easy detail provision, illumination, textural generosity, finely sketched instrumental and vocal outlines, the sensation of here and now… this list honestly goes on and on. The IQ trivialized every single challenge on my playlist and had me constantly smiling from ear to ear."

"This simple math applies nonetheless. It’s also a brilliant reminder for those who consider Qualio IQ too pedestrian for their wallets that widening this narrow scope every now and then is the smart play. Lesser retail price doesn’t always translate into lesser luxury and performance."

Dawid Grzyb - HIFI KNIGHTS

Customers Reviews

  • Adam
  • Helgi
  • Grzegorz
  • Dan
  • Warren
  • Jeffrey
  • Jim
  • Frank
  • David
  • Dirk

"Not going to finish with a full review yet as I haven't chosen my amp and phono pre yet, so I'll wait.

But, if you're reading this thread because you're thinking of buying or have bought and scouring for info...

Buy em. If they have a weakness I can't find it. And usually I find a lot ;). If these speakers were $30k I would say buy em. At the price they are I say buy two pairs, I can't imagine them staying this price forever."

— Adam

read more here - https://tinyurl.com/Adam-review

"This is my setup, the speakers are on another level amazing sound and i have not put the IsoAucostics under yet. And i am sure it will be better. I have had few friends come over to listen and they all agree it is the best sound so far."

Thaks alot


Grzegorz is an audiophile but also a pro photo and videographer. He fell in love with the speakers and took some amazing photos that he shared with us and you can see them on this website. Thank you Grzegorz :)

"After 3 tracks I knew they will be mine :)"


"In one word ? FANTASTIC !

Maybe you even have to increase the price, seriously.

Thank you,


A week with my IQ’s….first let me say not only are they gorgeous…they are just “ COOL”!

The upper drivers in acrylic look like they’re floating…gr8 look.

Sound wise when I first placed them they sounded Gr8… I thought I situated them perfectly, but then moving inches this or that way kept sounding even better. There is no bad spot for them.

They are amazingly open, spacious and FAST!

I am going from Martin Logan electrostats to these…the IQ’s are faster and more coherent….and they’re probably not fully broken in yet.

I’ve watched a couple of your videos on isoacoutics under electronics ( didn’t hear any appreciable difference) and Gaiai footers ( nice improvement).

You did mention the Gaiai III’s were $400….think you misspoke…the II’s are $400….the III’s $600 for 8. The II’s are good for 70lbs max, which is right at IQ weight.

Last night listened to Eva Cassidy (goosebumps)….Tom Waits (his exotic instrumentation so real and distinct)…and check out new artist “Zander Zon”…song “Accelerate” (he tunes & plays his bass as a guitar…very cool)

They also play Gr8 at high or low volume at night.

I’ve said enough.



 I am warming them up very well , listening about 2 hours each evening and I am delighted so far!

The low end is superb, the top end crystal clear. The sound stage is wide and deep. My previous speakers were a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 8 floorstanders ( now 3 years old) and a pair of 15 year-old REL Britannia subwoofers. I stream hIgh res audio from Qobuz.

 I now realise that the sub-woofers were not well integrated with the floorstanders - and this is what I notice now - a completely smooth transition from mid to bass to sub bass. Also the IQs go lower in frequency and are much more accurate ( the subs are quite old ).

For the first time ever , I can say that when I am listening , in any cases the speakers disappear and voices and instruments have real presence! When I was a 20 year -old student , in 1973, I went to one of the first performances of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" at De Montfort Hall in Leicester. It made a big impression on me. And when I listened to it a couple of nights ago on the IQs, - it really felt like I was back there again , a 20 year old student in De Montfort Hall ! I have listened many times to this work on various systems , and this is the first time I experienced such realism.

This week I listened mainly to rock/pop/folk/electronic music. Next week I will focus on classical/orchestral/choral.

All good! So pretty well. Token on after running day and night for 10 days. Amazing top to bottom performance. I’m noticing a much linear bass response through the Scale. Most speakers will present a hump in the 40kz range for effect which as you know clouds other aspects of the music. These are very sick and dynamic by contrast and even though they are less efficient, their dynamic speed and larger cone sugars produce a very compelling visceral presence. My only small reservation is the position of the midrange from this very dynamic driver, which places vocals very far forward, front row but not ever harsh, just takes a hit of getting used to. It’s a very unusual presentation as the open back presents a depth of stage that is sometimes countered by the very front row presentation of the front wave. Very curious, still figuring it out, possible placement change or some damping in the back or side walls? My initial reaction. Was that the driver needed a 1db reduction or very small damping, but what do I know, I am not an engineer. Still playing around. I do know the resolution and soundstage is quite good, as good as I have heard from over 40 different speakers I’ve owned. 

I did end up using the 2.7ohm resistor in my system with great results. I’m using a SVS SB 3000 with remarkable

Results, it blends perfectly and creates a sound field in my listening room of 106db peak with my db meter, it’s much fun!

Yes, the speakers are well packed and arrived safely. The packing boxes are now blocking my garage ;-)

Of course, I have already been able to listen to them a bit. The speakers are playing at a distance of about 1.9 metres from the front wall. Only slightly toed in. The virtual axes cross far behind my sitting position. Nevertheless, the imaging is extremely accurate, the stage is wide and the sound is detached. 

Compared to my Boenicke W5, the speakers dominate the room more visually, but due to the transparent mid-treble unit, they integrate perfectly into the room. The speakers are driven by a Boenicke P1 Class D amplifier. It produces a wonderfully full and tangible sound, which the IQ transports superbly. Very pleasant is the fact that the bass is not boomy or rumbling in may room. The bass is not a " offensive showman" but it blends harmoniously into the music. Resolution and transparency are of course worlds better than with the small Boenicke. 

Coming soon

Coming soon

Listen to the Qualio IQ

Just put on your headphones and listen to how the speakers sound.

 What you get with Qualio IQ

The most amazing semi-open baffle speakers

- Mundorf AMT dipole super tweeter

- SB Acoustic Satori midrange and woofer

- Mundorf, Jantzen , WBT crossover parts and termianls

- 5-point regulation of the AMT tweeter

- Lifetime support and advice

- 3 years warranty

- Worldwide shipping included in the price

All this and the assurance that you'll get the sound of your life when you buy IQ speakers today!

Qualio IQ is the best deal in High End speakers.

Enhance your life now.

" Ultra performnace proposition for people who care deeply about their sound quality. Some of them won't give this hardware a second thought because it's not remotely expensive enough. Others will doubt that it could possibly perform at the level I claim. Again, Uncle Einstein. I'm simply firm.  Against what I've heard over two decades in my own digs, at shows, retail stores or fellow 'philes, this makes a sterling example of dragstrip fun without an Ascot membership. "

15k€ Uber System - Srajan Ebaen - 6moons.com


The upgrades in the ultra versions are 

- Internal cabling - Mundorf Angelique Copper-Silver-Gold

- ISOACOUSTICS Gaia 2 - footers included in the price

- 220uf Bass capacitor upgraded to Mundorf Evo Oil

- All crossover coils are now Jantzen Copper Ribbon Wax

- Additional pair of terminals allowing for Bi-Amping

- Red cable sleeve for Open Baffle module

- Dedicated Speaker to Interconnect cable with built in resistor divider so that you can create a High Level to Low Level transformation and without a dedicated preamplifier. 

All this and the assurance that you'll get the sound of your life when you buy IQ speakers today!

What the Ultra Edition Brings

The IQ speakers are a fantastic hit, and so many of you bought them, which we are very proud of. Since the Qualio IQ is a game-changing speaker and sonically exceeds many more expensive speakers, many of you asked for special upgrades, and we pushed them to the absolute limit regarding the parts used. That's why we further upgraded the sound by selecting better components and upgrading all aspects that could benefit from better parts. 

The better parts have a role in overall sound improvement, but the most interesting is another pair of terminals allowing for Bi-amping. Now, you can use your favorite class A solid state or single-ended triode to power Satori midrange and Mundorf AMT drivers and power the bass unit with a separate class D or AB amplifier that will exude great control over the bass driver. With that upgrade, the Qualio IQ just pushed the ease of fine-tuning the speakers to your liking to the next level. Since the bass driver is crossed at around 500Hz, by regulating the volume of the bass amplifier, you add more bass and lower midrange to the overall balance of the speakers. Now, if you need more richness in your sound, you can crank up the midbass volume. How cool is that ;) 
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Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers
Qualio IQ Speakers

We can make any design you want. If you're interested in special colors, you can choose any RAL color and we'll make it for you in either satin or glossy finish.

Veneer finishes are also available. We work only with natural veneers, so each pair of speakers is unique. If you're interested in other looks, please contact us.

Standard veneers - Oak, Walnut, Ash
Exotic veneers - Indian apple, rosewood

All Qualio speakers are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Technical specification
Height: 102 cm / 40.2”
Width: 38,5 cm / 15.2”
Depth: 31,5 cm / 12.4”
Weight: 32 kg / 70 lbs
Impedance: 4 Ω
Bandwidth: 30 Hz – 31 kHz
Efficiency: 89 dB

Worldwide shipping cost included in the price.  All shipments are fully insured. 


Upgrades in the Ultra version:

Internal cabling - Mundorf Angelique Copper-Silver-Gold cables
ISOACOUSTICS Gaia 2 - footers included in the price

220uf Bass unit capacitor replaced from Electrolytic to Evo Oil
All crossover coils are now Jantzen Copper Ribbon Wax
Additional pair of terminals allowing for Bi-Amping

BlackWhiteSpecial ColorNatural VeneerExotic Veneer

per pair