What is best room size and speaker placement for the Qualio IQ?

Qualio IQ are very versatile speakers and you can use them in virtually any room you have. They have a semi-open baffle design, which means that the Satori midrange driver and Mundorf AMT tweeter play music omnidirectionally (both front and rear). This makes it very easy for the IQs to fill the whole room with music and create an amazing holography with 3D effects, whether you place them very close to the wall or in the middle of the room. The entire room is filled with music and the sweet spot is very wide, meaning you don't have to sit right in the middle of the speakers to enjoy an amazing soundstage. The speakers completely disappear into the room no matter where you place them.

This brings us to the room size. We tested them in a variety of room sizes: from 14 square meters (140 square feet) to over 100 meters. Everywhere, they managed to fill the room with music while maintaining a great sonic balance. If your room is very small or you need to place the speakers very close to the back wall, the Qualio IQ come with foam plugs that you can insert into the bass reflex ports on the back to adjust the amount of bass. If you plug the ports, the speakers behave like closed cabinets and you have more control and a little less of it, which is a big advantage in smaller rooms.

Small 14 meters room

AudioShow in Warsaw

Medium 30 meter room

 HiFi Show in Bristol

Big 150+ meter pub AudioMuzoFans meeting

Will my amplifier be a good match for IQ speakers?

Qualio IQ speakers are very no-frills. You can drive them with a variety of amplifiers and the only requirement they have is that the amplifier must provide some power. Certainly every amplifier will sound different, but if the amplifier can provide a bit of power, the sound will always be fast, dynamic, open, precise with perfect holographic imaging, details, vocals and deep and tight bass.

We listened to IQ with different amplifiers and here are the results:

- Solid-state amplifiers are predestined for the IQ, as they can usually deliver more current to the speakers, which Qualio likes.
- Class A, AB, AD, D solid-state amplifiers can work great with the IQs. If your amp has at least 30 watts per channel, you'll have great sound. If you're looking for an amplifier for the Qualio speakers, consider the Naim Supernait 3 integrated amplifier, because the synergy is definitely there. In the video below, you can listen to the system of Qualio IQ speakers, Naim Supernait 3 and Lampizator Amber 3 DAC that we featured at the Hamburg and Bristol Audioshow.

Tube amplifiers are also good, but push-pull amplifiers are recommended. We tested the speakers with SET amplifiers with 300B, 211 and GM70 tubes and only the GM70 could make the system sound very impressive. Push-pull amplifiers with very popular tubes like EL34, 6550, KT88, KT120, KT150 are on the same level as most good integrated solid-state amplifiers. Below you'll find a video with a comparison of different tubes driving the Qualio IQ speaker. In the second video you'll find another comparison between the Naim Supernait 3 solid state integrated amplifier and the Tsakiridis Aeolos PP amplifier with KT120 tubes on board.

Can I use my own spikes or footers?

Yes, the threads on the speakers are M8 threads and the speakers come with 8 high quality stainless steel spikes. However, if you have other spikes, stands, or platforms you want to use, be sure to check them out. We have tested the IsoAcoustics Gaia II with Qualio IQ and recommend you at least try them, as they make the midrange even more present and fuller and clearer.

We also recorded a video comparing the spikes to the IsoAcoustics, which you can watch below.

Where can I buy the speakers?

Qualio is about delivering the speakers to you directly from our factory in Poland. We manufacture the speakers in Poznan, Poland and ship them worldwide from there via insured Fedex airmail. Since there's no middleman between you and us, not only can we provide you with advice and assistance when it comes to setting up, tuning, and matching the speakers to your system, but you also get the speakers at the best price. The result is the best audio deal you can get. You get true high-end speakers that you can compare to many times more expensive competitors, and at a fraction of their price.

You can place the order via our website form, or just contact us by email - info@qualioaudio.com

How long to get my new IQ speakers?

It depends on the finish you're interested in. By default we have black or white satin finish in stock, but special colors or veneer finishes have to be made to order and can take 4-8 weeks to produce. At the moment we're still having issues with component availability, so all speakers are built to order at the moment as there are more orders than available drivers. Please contact us for current availability at info@qualioaudio.com

Are the speakers safe during transportation?

The short answer is - yes.

We have designed both the speakers and the packaging to be safe for transport. The acrylic dipole is removed for transport and placed in a separate chamber of the transport box. Both the cabinets and the dipole element are secured with 4 cm thick polyethylene foam so that they're away from the walls of the crate to ensure absolute safety. The outer layer is made of OSB boards. The crate is glued and nailed together. To provide even more rigidity and protect the speakers from the most unpredictable scenarios, we add steel reinforcements at all corners. If no tank drives over the speakers, they're safe, but for such situations there is fully comprehensive insurance for transportation :)

The boxes have handles on the sides so they can be conveniently transported to your home. The shipping company's policy is that you have to help the shipper carry the speakers, as they're treated like regular, but large package weighing 55kg (122lbs).

Due to the steel reinforcement at the corners, you'll need a Phillips screwdriver to open the lid of the box.

How much does the shipping cost?

How much does the shipping cost?

How much warranty is on the speakers?

There is a 3 year warranty. If you have any issues with the speakers during this time, we'll take care of everything for you. The speakers were designed and built with the best components available, so we don't expect them to have malfunctions for decades. In the event of a driver failure, we'll send you either a replacement driver (for the Satori woofer) or a complete dipole module with AMT Mundorf tweeter and SB Acoustics Satori midrange driver.

How can I cancel my order and get the refund?

We think Qualio is such a good value for the money that instead of returning it, you'll be talking about them to your friends all the time ;) But to answer the question - Yes, there is a 30-day return policy and if you don't like the speakers, you can send them back to us. You'll have to pay for the shipping costs yourself.