Shipping policy

It's simple. We ship the speakers worldwide with Fedex / UPS International Airmail for all countries outside Europe and with a land delivery for the European shipments.

You'll receive a tracking number once the speakers are shipped and the shipping company will ask you for a signature and depending on the location, some details like your ID number so customs can clear the package for you.

We made sure that the shipping box is built like a tank and can withstand basically anything imaginative shippers like "Ace Ventura" can come up with ;)

The OSB wooden boxes have steel reinforced corners and guarantee safe shipping. The speakers in the crates can be opened with a Phillips head screwdriver and weigh about 60 kg. (130 lbs) The boxes have handles to make them easier to carry, but it takes 2 people to carry the speakers. Unpacking the boxes is easy and can be done by one person.