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that you can buy directly from factory in Poland.

High-End high frequencies adjustment to fine tune your system

The IQ speakers are very neutral. The crossovers are perfectly matched, but we want you to be able to match them perfectly to any room and system.

That's why we decided to equip the speakers with an additional pair of WBT terminals on the back, which connects only to the Mundorf AMT dipole super tweeter.

You can connect various Mundorf copper-nickel resistors to these terminals. The resistors are color coded so you can easily connect them to the speakers. 2 resistor values are available in the standard package and 5 values are available in the precision package.

All resistors are soldered with gold plated copper banana plugs, so you can change them in seconds and adjust the amount of high frequencies to your taste.

Frequency response of Qualio IQ in 30m listening room.

On axis measurements. 

Extreme values of 1.0 and 5.6 Ohm high frequency resistors used .

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Precision Resistor Set
5 Values resistor set, You can control the amount of high frequency by switching the resistors on the back of Qualio IQ Loudspeakers. 
This set can be only purchased with Qualio IQ speakers and will not work with other loudspeakers. 



per 2 sets